December 12th, 2003

profile - cameo


Odd dreams last night. The only bit I can remember is this:

Running from someone who wants to hurt me. I run downstairs into a speakeasy. Alex (dancingshaman) is there, looking all dapper and gangster-like in a zoot suit. "Hey, doll. What's the word?" He drawls. I point at [something] behind me and he nods, taking my hand and leading me through a closet door that turns out to be a passageway. He hides me in a trunk. A few minutes later, there is noise of people searching the place and vague threats to Alex.

When all of the noise is gone, he helps me out of the trunk, then walks with me up the stairs. Now, we are walking out of a restaurant at KublaCon. I am very thankful for his help. I ask him what he wants in repayment from saving me from [something]. He winks at me. "I have a few ideas." Then, starts leading me towards his hotel room.

As we walk along, we see his wife, Johanna (britgeekgrrl). I ask him, "Is this OK with her?" He calls out to her, laughing. "Johanna, do you mind if I seduce your wife?" She grins. "Not as long as I get to seduce your husband." Gary Cole walks up and gives her a kiss and me a thumbs up. I realize now, the four of us are married with Gary and I as primaries, Alex and Johanna as primaries and we two couples to each other as secondaries.


I really have no idea what it means. Anyone want to guess?
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