December 1st, 2003



Abstract Thoughts has been updated with A Strange Thing Called Grief - which is about me dealing with the news of a friend's death.

As an aside, I saw The Missing. I give it a C-. It had precisely four good things about it: Tommy Lee Jones, Cate Blachett, the chick who played the youngest daughter and some honest-to-goodness real research into Indian lore and practices. Other than that, the movie was about 45 minutes too long, ghost story my butt - it was a western, pure and simple, the scene transitions were choppy, giving me the sense that the director had a couple of cool scenes in mind but that was it. I'd give this one a pass. Wait for cable. The only thing that actually kept me in the theater was the fact that I paid $8.50 to see it and darn it, I was going to see it.

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