November 25th, 2003

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I spent most of the morning not feeling well with a low grade fever and headache. Nothing -too- bad but bad enough that I didn't get up until 9am - just long enough to email in sick to work. I was much better by 1pm after more sleeping and some food in my tummy. By 4pm, I was ready (I thought) for my PT appointment. Wow, talk about cruel and unusual punishment. An hour later, I was crying for mercy. Tonight, I got a wild hair and did a few more submissions. I'm up to 42 for the month. But, it's getting a lot harder. I found myself spending far more time thinking "Oh, I could write something for that." Instead of finding something to edit and/or submit. I'm starting to crave writing stories instead of submitting them.
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Super Geek Question

Ok. I was chatting with Monte about my physical therapy and how much it hurt. I was amazed at how much the extra one pound weight on my ankle. He reminded me about weight and leverage and how it's like the trick of taking an 8 lb sledge hammer and holding it head out, with a straight arm, holding only the very end of the handle. That's way more than eight pounds.

However, knowing this, I don't know the math to figure out how much weight my upper legs are actually lifting. So, given that my legs are about 30 inches long and having a one pound weight on my ankle, can you tell me what the math is to figure this out and about how much I end up lifting?
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