November 13th, 2003

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Sting Operation

I have the weirdest, screwiest dreams sometimes. This dream, Sting Operation, involved a cowboy Middle Earth sting operation to stop the illegal ascension of the Donner Party. Starring me, Thea and Monte. Collapse )
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New peoples!

I met darkmane today for coffee. The visit and he were very keen. Definitely a gamer (and I mean that in the best sense, being a gamer myself) and all around cool guy. He rather surprised me by having a goatee and ended up kind of reminding me of koga a bit in the looks department. When he declared his love of LARPing, the Hero system and living on the West side, I just had to drag him up to my office to meet random_girl. They immediately hit it off like a house on fire. It was good to watch. I'm hoping I can get into a game or two with him. Maybe one of grandmoffdavid's one shot games.

Currently, I'm in negotiations with elfric on meeting him at some point - and if you heard his schedule, you'd understand why I use the word negotiations. Meeting all of these new people has turned out pretty darned good so far.
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