November 7th, 2003


Things aligning.

I remembered to take my blood pressure medicine this morning. Go me! No fainting or dizziness so far. Good. Just hungry, but I'm blaming that on my cycle, which is right on time as expected. That's kind of nice.

I tell you. This has been one heck of a week for me and it's not over, yet.
  • Tuesday: Handed a scary make and/or break project at work
  • Thursday: The whole health thing.
  • Tonight: My first Despacho ceremony.

  • I'll write about each of these in more depth tomorrow in an Abstract Thoughts post.

    It has occurred to me that with the Harmonic Concordance as well as a full moon and lunar eclipse this weekend, it might be the perfect time for me to finally get off my butt to do my Introduction ritual and ward my home. I have the new and old amethyst. It's just waiting for me to put it in place. Maybe that will help me deal with some of the emotions I'm dealing with right now.
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