November 6th, 2003


The fun, the thankful and the kinda scary...

Some late responses to my little poll from a couple days back.
cyranocyrano: I'd love to be in a 7th Sea game. It's one of my all time favorite systems.
mrsrobinson: That's kind of a hard task at this point in time with a lot of what I'm going through.
lowapproach: Are you sure an hour would be enough time for that sort of thing? :)
random_girl: Everyone could use a hug now and then.

Thankful Thursday
01... for far away friends with wonderfully unique perspectives.
02... for new friends who make me feel daring.
03... for work, despite hugeness of the new challenge, giving me the opportunity to prove myself.
04... for the courage or being able to face such a challenge, admit that it is damn scary, and to continue on.
05... for old friends who are very easy to talk to.
06... for the possibility of more CA friends moving to Seattle.
07... for aimgrrrl who recommended an awesome personal doctor for me.
08... for the doctor's appointment to go as good as it did.
09... for Evanescence and their Fallen album suiting my mood completely.
10... for this wake up call putting things into perspective.

It's official. I have high blood pressure, 148/110. It's high. It will be aggravated by the exercise until I start losing weight. I'm on medicine. Moexipril HCI. I googled it for the side effects. Collapse )

Not a whole lot of fun. I guess I'm going to have to learn how to deal with stress better. Especially with my newest project (complete with a huge potential for public greatness or failure).
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