November 3rd, 2003


Poll responses...

Answers to my little poll...

deyo: It might be better that there weren't enough characters for your answer. Oh, my! *grin*
mahdi: From your lips to the PTB's ears.
zunger: Yes! Definitely. Soon, I hope.
jw1776: Perhaps, someday. :)
jemstone: Easy. Just move up here. *hehehe*
bunyip: That would be very nice.
wolfieboy: Between your schedule and mine, that should be penciled in sometime next year.
streamweaver: A man after my own heart.
darkmane: I don't know. I've heard some bad things about people who offer to do that. *hehehe*
stonemirror: Coffee dates are /always/ good.
amberite: This is probably the nicest thing said out of this whole poll. Thank you.
lost_lethe: Yeah, right. I'd have to check your bags before you left. :)
mrissa: Who knows? Maybe I'll make it out that way and we'll be able to do that.
harroldsheep: P'nuck? Do we know each other?
cadmus: Perfect! When?
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Stupid & Furious

Warning: I am really pissed off right now. Those of you with sensitive feelings might not want to read this.

Alright, since it has come to my attention that some people have decided that I have not been honest with them, I'm going to lay the whole bloody thing out on the line. I'm sure some people are going to go "Huh?" or think this is a silly thing to get all riled up about, however I -really- pisses me off when I'm not only accused of lying, I am accused of lying in a public forum that brings to mind a condescending adult chiding a small child. I absolutely loath such manipulations and will not abide by them.

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