November 1st, 2003


The Day of the Dead...

I'm back from a Day of the Dead party at Beth and Joe's place. I met up with some LJers I knew and a bunch I didn't. (Too lazy to name them all.) It was really cool. Unfortunately, I punked out around 8pm because, frankly, I was/am just plain tired. I had my first weight training session this morning that just kicked my butt. Also, four hours of meeting new people was enough for me. Though, it was an awesome way to meet them: in a calm, casual, fun, low key chat, mingle and people-watch party. I've made some future plans with these people and I'm looking forward to them. Plus, it was really great to finally meet up with Beth after all the LJ commenting.

Randomly interesting: Personality test results.
· Team player, makes strong efforts to cooperate with others
· Friendly, pleasant … but not the life of the party
· Supportive and encouraging
· Patient, good listener
· Avoids risk, conservative; conventional and conforming
· Prefers to follow the lead of others
· Easy-going, defers to others; not pushy or aggressive
· Anxious and tense, especially around conflict
· Low results orientation, low initiative, lower self-confidence
· Kind, considerate, careful not to offend others
· Trusting, always willing to compromise, very forgiving of others

It's actually pretty close in a lot of ways. Maybe a bit generalized but, it works.
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