October 21st, 2003



I think I had my first honest-to-goodness migraine this morning. Or, maybe those other super bad headaches were migraines but this one was the grand-daddy of them all. The sound of the alarm hurt so bad, I thought someone had awakened me by hitting me in the head with something solid. It felt like the top of my skull wanted to peel back and like there was a little tiny, mean man in my head, behind my left eye pushing on it, like he wanted to pop my eye out of my head. For about an hour, I dozed and hoped it would go away. Some time after 8, I gave up and called Lori because it was easiest. I had tried to sit up and go send an email but the dizziness said "NO!"

I'm doing better now. Still delicate. Moving slow and really needing to go get some headache medicine. I'm almost afraid to leave the house but, more afraid of the possibility of returning pain. So, I'm going to make a careful trip to QFC and hope they have what I need. Then, I'm going to come back here and see how I feel. I may end up back in bed, I'm not sure.
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