October 18th, 2003


It's done!

Heya, for those of you have not seen my home yet, I created a little website tour through my house. Please note that the pictures are a bit on the large side. So, they may take a little bit of time to down load. If the second picture doesn't show up on the mouse hover, wait a couple of seconds longer with the mouse over the picture. Hope you enjoy!

Also, comments back from my "Get to know you" poll.

unkyrich: I don't know if you understand just how much you've affected me and my life. Thank you for everything you've done for me.

wylddelirium: WOW! That's so awesome! I hope you've kept a photo journal of it.

wolfieboy: Noted.

madhi: Why? It's not that hard. I hope you finish it soon.

runnerwolf: Me, too. I guess I need to set up some sort of LJ Meet Up.

baronlaw: hugs!

mrsrobinson: Excellent purpose in life. I approve.
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