October 14th, 2003


Ethical thoughts

I've been thinking about this crush meme a lot. At first, I thought "Huh, I didn't know that information would become publicly available. You know, I can't even remember who I crushed on." Then, I started thinking about the possible damage or embarrassment of people who didn't know that their results would be available to anyone willing to pay the price and I started to think that this was an unethical use of what was supposed to be a fun, random, anonymous quiz thingy.

So, taking a page from deyo, I went back to the original crush meme and zeroed out all of my crushes save for my best guy because it's not like that one wasn't obvious. I zeroed it out because I couldn't remember who I crushed on or why. Later today, I might go back and update it with some real answers, just for grins. More likely, I'll just post my "crushes" in a locked post for everyone to see. Most of them are pretty obvious.

Also, I decided to post the appropriate link for others like me who want to modify or zero out their answers, could.

[Edit: I will not be looking at or filling out that Crush Meme at all. I let my QA nature take over and started messing with it. From there, I discovered I could log in as ANYONE WITH AN LJ and randomly fill out the crush questionaire. Seriously, I logged in as one of my friends [who NEVER does quizzes], messed around and saved the results. I haven't seen crush meme results updating, yet... but there may be a lag between databases.]
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