October 6th, 2003

Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Veteran of the Online Wars...

Wow. Do I sound like a bitter old war veteran or what? This is an email exchange between me and someone interested in Gor.

I see most of the updates have slackened on your page, but I felt it necissary to at least say hello. :) I am 'Fate,' 20/F, Floridian seeking a BA in Hospitality, and deeply interested in the Gorean philosophy. I'm working (slowly but surely) on reading and learning about Gorean, and have been slowly digesting your page. http://skitten.best.vwh.net/eden.html (if you were wondering which one)

I'm a little shy at writing you, I'll admit-- but I've read through your RL stories and have come across similar things in my life, as well. I won't go into detail, I'm sure you're not entirely keen on reading stuff like that. I just thought I'd extend a rather shaky hand out to you, seeing as you appear to be someone that I could possibly relate to. I'm also a big VtM fan, and have written a bit here and there about various things from Sci-Fi to Erotica.

Anyways, I won't jumble your email box further-- though please feel free to email me

Hello Fate,
Thanks for the compliments to my writings. What can I do for you?

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