September 25th, 2003


Thankful Thursday

Thankful Thursday - I am thankful for the following things
01. "Just the Cheese."
02. Sincere gratitude for good work.
03. My cell phone for allowing free late night long distance phone calls.
04. Patience.
05. People who plan.
06. Atkins ice cream.
07. A good night's sleep.
08. unkyrich for various reasons.
09. My boss on vacation for two days.
10. A baby's smile for me this morning.

My friend Jane Heaven lives by a motto that would be a good tonic for you this week: "the ruthless truth, kindly told." In other words, it won't be smart or effective for you merely to expose the sticky subtexts that everyone's trying to avoid dealing with. You'll have to convey those unsettling revelations with all the tender compassion you can muster. Expressions of tough love will be half-assed unless the love is at least twice as big as the toughness.

Yeah, sometimes I can be a bit blunt. If there is a hard truth to tell, I'll keep this in mind.
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