September 16th, 2003


Kitty in the Microwave?

It's not often you hear a cat lover say, "When I first put the kitty in the microwave, I usually do it for 2 minutes." However, that is exactly what random_girl said to me about 10 minutes ago and that is exactly what I did. Obviously, this is no ordinary kitty cat. No. This is Microwave Kitty! A heroic fabric friend designed to bring soothing warmth to whatever part of the body ails you. Microwave Kitty is filled with all sorts of neat stuff that smells good and holds warmth. Currently, Microwave Kitty is snuggle against my lap and lower tummy region, imparting a soothing warmth that really does remind me of a real, living, breathing cat. The only thing I'm missing is the slight purr of contentment such snuggling usually brings. I think I need to get me one of these fabric friends. He feels really good.
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Dedication from a Mad Scientist...

artistic_chaos: btw, i officially dedicate my rewired network to you :)
Me: Yes! I'll take it!
artistic_chaos: it took lots of grunting and heavy lifting
artistic_chaos: but my switch and modem are now much more easily accessible
Me: What did you do?
artistic_chaos: and the design is more elegant
Me: That's good.
artistic_chaos: i lifted my bed, pulled more cable out of the wall, moved my switch, and stacked my modem
artistic_chaos: it did involve some mad science engineering
artistic_chaos: but is now much better to work with
Me: It sounds like it.
artistic_chaos: will make outages and troubleshooting easier
Me: I hope it won't cause the outages to come easier.
artistic_chaos: heh
artistic_chaos: me too :)
Me: Though, like all mad scientists, you need a flaw in your design.
artistic_chaos: there is a flaw
Me: ?
artistic_chaos: in absense of more appropriate building materials
artistic_chaos: i used a paintbrush to make a temporary shelf in the crate for my cable modem
artistic_chaos: but i never use that brush, so it should be ok :)
Me: *snicker* But, now that you have done this, it will be the *perfect* brush in your next masterpiece.
artistic_chaos: of course
Me: Well, it seems that you have followed all of the rules and I have it dedicated to me. I'm a happy woman.
artistic_chaos: hurray :)
Me: *grin*
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Fantasy - Labryinth - Jareth

Dream Themes...

I've been thinking about dreams a lot lately. In Dreamlines... I have "dream themes" (scroll to the bottom) of recurring themes that I dream about a lot. I've been wondering what real world events in my life trigger some of these dream themes. I'm sure there is a link in some. I just don't know what they are and what my resulting dreams mean. Don't get me wrong, I really like to dream. The selfish/hedonistic part of me is looking for a way to trigger some of these themes (Epic Stories or Invasion/Rebellion or the Kiss) because I enjoy the dreams so much.

Do any of you have particular recurring dream themes? If yes, have you associated a real world event to trigger that type of time? If no, why do you think that is?
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