August 19th, 2003



Boy, today has been a grumpy day. My handyman decided at 10pm last night that he needed a deposit. Not that much of an issue except for the facts that 1) he used my work email and I didn't get it until this morning 2) he decided the night before starting work that he wanted a deposit. Had he told me this upfront, there would have been no issue at all. I would have left him a check. As it is now, I don't know if he is going to start work or not because I can't leave work to go give him this check and I don't know if he'll wait until lunchtime or after work to get it.

On the good side of things, I got to (re)meet elphie last night at a really good sushi place on the west side. I stuffed myself silly for $20, including tax, tip and some of the most expensive stuff on the menu. Sushi Express on the corner of 50th and University may not have the best atmosphere but they make up for it in spades with the quality of their sushi. As for elphie, I vaguely remember meeting her a while ago at a LARP in the bay area. So, it was kinda of neat in that small world sort of way.
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