August 18th, 2003


Note to self...

... read the bloody vitamin labels.

I was having a pleasant conversation with a co-worker. I had just discovered that he was a "massive" gamer and really into fantasy literature when I was suddenly overcome with a wave of nausea. It was so bad that I was afraid to move and had to cut my conversation short with him. Now, reading the labels of the Potassium Gluconate and the TwinLab Daily One caps, the latter specifically mentions to take it after a meal. Oh. Um. Hum. I happened to skip breakfast this morning. Well, damn. OK. Next time. I'll just move taking my vitamins to after lunch. I always have lunch. Breakfast is touch and go.
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    mildly ill

Le Sigh...

The carpet people called. My carpets didn't arrive today. If we're lucky, they will arrive on Friday. Then, next week (when I had planned to actually move into my home), they can put the carpets in. THEN, I can do the appointment to get my goods into my house. I had really hoped to have moved in by the time my best guy arrived on the 29th. I still might able to. Maybe. But, I'm despairing. Why does every thing take so much longer than what people say it will take?
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    "Track that Murderer Down" - Phantom of the Opera