July 31st, 2003


Cautiously optimistic stress monkey...

kaidevis and musae, thank you very much for your going away gifts. They really came in handy this morning. I had not been wearing your gifts lately. Truthfully, I had forgotten them, sitting on the dining room table. I would randomly stroke them as I walked by but that was it. This morning, I had to sign all of the paperwork for the house and I could feel myself winding up and panicking. My eyes fell on your gifts and I knew they were needed today. I picked up the ring and said, "Ok, little ring, I am in serious need of your Zen-like powers." When I put it on, I felt a wave of calm come over me. I don't care if it was psychosomatic or not. It worked when I needed it (and, for the record, I really don't think it was psychosomatic). Then, for a bit of extra energy fortification, I put on Jeanne's necklace. All morning, I was calm, alert and aware. It felt really good.

All of the Escrow paperwork has been signed. I am being cautiously optimistic until I get the keys tomorrow. James, who didn't know about the signing day/time until I called him this morning, came down and stayed with me for it. He really is an excellent man and realtor. I recommend him to anyone. Ross, on the other hand, is fired. Once he fixes my secondary loan so I can pay off my car, I will not use him again. Nor will I recommend him. From the sounds of it, James is pretty peeved at Ross for his mess ups with me and has no plans to use him again either.

So, if all goes well, by this time tomorrow, instead of being a stressed out monkey, I should be a less stressed out monkey who is also landed gentry.

Oh, btw, the unpassworded linksys is now passworded. So, my internet connection for the next couple of weeks in the evenings and on weekends will probably be very spotty. Call me for the important things.
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