July 11th, 2003


Dancing for Kali...

I had the most interesting dream this morning. It featured me, musae (Jeanne), shutt3rg33k (Meredith) and hypothermya (Kristie). The dream is called Dancing for Kali and I think Jeanne will have a definite interest in it. Over all, I can't think of a better set of females to have been chosen for this particular dream. I will try to get it up in Dreamlines... this weekend. In the meantime, here's... Collapse )
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Another interview.

If I have given you questions and you would like to interview me, you may. Just leave questions in the comments. It is, by no means, required.

Question from madhi
1. What, other than your friends, will you miss most about the Bay Area?
I think I will miss the open acceptance or, perhaps, that is open tolerance, of pretty much all things – religion, sexual orientation, polyamory, BDSM, political viewpoint, eating habits and other such things. While it is not perfect, there is a lot more "live and let live" that goes on. I will miss that.

Oh, and Dana Street Coffee House. I really like that place as a home away from home hang out. I will need to find one like it in Seattle.

2. What will you miss least?
The insane cost of living. Especially the housing market. It is darn near impossible to do more than live paycheck to paycheck here unless you are lucky, conservative with money and are paid well.

3. What would you say is the dominant force in your life? Would your friends agree?
I think, my perception of self image. I am easily influenced by outside opinions and work hard to make myself more liked/better/etc... in their opinion. In some instants, it harms. In some, it helps. I probably would not be published if I did not have the desire to be perceived as a professional author instead of being looked at as a wanna-be.

4. Is all your advice as good as that you gave me?
Arrogantly, most of the time, it is. I'm pretty good at helping other people but God help me if I need to help myself. I suck at that. Generally, I'm pretty good with both common sense and looking at a whole picture and being able to figure out at least one way to go. It may not be the /best/ way to go, but it will get you to where you want to be.

5. If someone asked you to be dropped somewhere in the world with only a small amount of cash and asked to film your adventures in getting back, would you do it?
Oh, heck yes! I could do it, too. I may be slow but I'm damned persistent. It could be a lot of fun, too. Also, I like to think that I am resourceful enough to be able to get myself home. (I like this question.)
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