May 13th, 2003


Good, bad... I'm the one with the cramps...

Yesterday started out good, continued onto bad then finished up good. Timeline:
  • Played with Momma cat and kittens. *cheer*
  • Worked Productively. *cheer*
  • Started the Red Mess™ in a major way. *BOO*
  • Borrowed the digital camera from work. *cheer*
  • Left work and discovered I had a flat tire. *BOO*
  • Got rescued by boyfriend. *cheer*
  • Flat tire couldn't be fixed. Needed to get two new tires. There goes $300. *BOO*
  • Thank goodness for credit cards. *cheer*
  • Good Kult game, if a lot twisted. *cheer*
  • Cuddled boyfriend. *cheer*

    Today is promising to be "interesting" with PME calling AND IMing me to whine about a tester who is not even on my team. All I can say now is "Thank goodness for Buffy night and pass the Midol." You know what, though... despite all of this, I'm still in a good mood. I don't know why.
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