May 8th, 2003


Mmmm... nice pants...

Tech support has bagels that may be stolen. Mmmmm.... garlic bagels with shmear...

I've having another one of those sensual pant experiences. Only, this time, my pants are my size 20 blue jeans. One size smaller than the last time this happened. I guess, even though I'm not losing weight, it is still redistributing itself over my body. What a pleasant way to start a morning: a nice discovery and sensual pants.
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What's next? A barcode?

[Tongue-in-cheek] Well, I've just been assigned my MS employee number. "Below you will find your new employee ID number for Microsoft. This number will also appear on your security badge, which you will receive at a later date. In the meantime, we wanted you to have your ID number for your records." You know, I am joking about the MS borg implants. I sure hope they are, too.

I asked one of the MS QA guys what it felt like to work for the Evil Empire(TM). He laughed and pointed out to me that with MS employing something like 35,000 people in the Seattle area, there isn't a whole lot of talk about the "Evil Empire." That people regard MS employees with a measure of respect. MS and Boeing are responsible for allowing Seattle a viable economy.

It's going to be interesting living in an area that doesn't look at MS as the Borg.
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Momma cat is here, finally! She has five kittens. They are about 10 days old. SO TINY. I can hear their mews and peeps from my den. Now, to figure out names for all six of them. Oh, yes! They are all black and white jellical felines.
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