April 30th, 2003


All about the cats...

Great thing: Sir Tomas Marmalade has found a home and is being adopted tonight!

Great thing: Furry Friends wants me to take a Momma cat with three babies who are about 2-3 weeks old.

Bad thing: They want me to take Momma and babies ASAP - their time at the shelter is up. However, I'm going to be out of town this weekend. They might be able to get someone else to hold onto Momma and the babies until I get back. They might not. If not, I agreed to take them Thursday night. [Not gonna let four felines die simply because I'm on vacation!]

So... If necessary, is there anyone local to me who would be willing to check up on Momma and three babies once on Saturday and once on Sunday? I'm sure Momma can care for her babies just fine, but I'm paranoid. Who knows what could happen while I'm gone. If you can, please email me. Thanks!
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Well, Sir Tomas is off to his new home and it turns out that I won't get Momma and babies until Tuesday - which gives me a little time to clean up from Sir Tom and air out the house. So, thanks for those who offered to look after the new fosters but it isn't needed. I can go away for the weekend without having to worry.

The D20 "Good" Supplement review is off to the editor. This one line sums up my thoughts on it: I got the sense that the entire supplement is not much more than AEG bringing an inside joke from fantasy to reality with the subtlety of a Game Master handing an 'over enthusiastic' player a Twinkie after they have shown him their character sheet.

Now, I'm off to do the Engel review. It's probably gonna be a real late night. Yeah, yeah. I shouldn't have put it off until the very last minute. I've done the same thing with my Abstract Thoughts entries, too. I have couple enteries written. I just haven't gone through the effort of coding them and uploading them, yet. Maybe tomorrow. *smile*
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