March 25th, 2003


Creepy, creepy dream...

Last night, I had a really creepy dream that still creeped me out in the waking realm. I had one of those dreams within dreams. I dreamt that I woke up in my room. Everything was exactly the same as it is in real life. So, I couldn't tell that I was still dreaming. Collapse )

I was completely freaked out when I woke up. The heater, under the window, was making funky noises, contributing to fear factor. My first thought was to pack a bag and go spend the night with my lover. My second thought was that meant I'd have to get dressed. My third thought was just to call him and talk to him. His voice would sooth me.

And it did. He was totally understanding and considerate about the whole thing. We got into a completely silly discussion about the forking bunnies and why they couldn't fork themselves (they didn't exist long enough and if they did, they would over run the field). So, I suggested forking wolves to eat the forking bunnies. Evolution and nature. Somewhere in my sleep-addled brain, I was also thinking of a bunny forking a wolf and coming up with a forking vorpal bunny as a predator to the forking wolves who were eating the forking bunnies...

Needless to say, the conversation chased away the creep factor and I was able to sleep.
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I'm going to take it as a good sign that I'm starting to get anxious to be back on my diet. To start concentrating on it. I've been stopping myself from slyly starting in a half-assed manner again. No. When I start up again, I'm going to do it right. Induction 2 weeks. Then, less than 40 carbs/day from Sunday to Thursday. Less than 80 carbs on Friday and Saturday. One randomly selected day a week, based on my social schedule, I will be able to have anything I want, regardless of carbs. Hopefully, this will keep me interested.

I've already started thinking about what I will have to do for lunches with Hans. Most likely, lunch will be my high carb meal of the day. So, I'm going to have to be really good for breakfasts (eggs and tuna) and dinner (steaks, burgers, fish and chicken.) I am going to do this from March 31 to June 28 - give or take a week. About thirteen weeks. I'm not going to try to diet during my relocation.
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