March 24th, 2003


Poor (C&A) Jenn...

Darn it! Jenn of Casey & Andy never wins! Le Sigh... (Strip 159)

I was listening to Evanescence (yes, again) and reading the words to the songs. I swear, it was as if the song "Tourniquet" and my character Dora were made for each other. As if I either based my character on the song or someone based the song on the character background. Neither happened but the two of them go together like peas in a pod. Right now, I'm trying to decide if Dora has heard Evanescence and what her opinion of them is. Most likely, yes and she loves them. So much of her and her past in their songs.

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Call for Info: Monterey Bay

I am looking for recommedations for hotels or beds & breakfasts in Monterey Bay for a weekend getaway that are in downtown Monterey, close enough to walk to some of the sites but are still affordable for normal people. If all these qualifications aren't possible, recommendations for the next best thing are welcome. If the places you are thinking of have websites, please link them in the comments. Thanks!
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