March 23rd, 2003


Sad Jenn

I had to take Bailey back to the vet today. When I got home from the 370 party, I found that Bailey still had not eaten at all. Plus it looked like he had not been drinking any water either. So, I did the test and found out that he was starting to get dehydrated. (You gently pull some fur on the cat's back and let go. If it settles normally, the cat is fine. If takes a long time to settle or stays puckered, your cat is dehydrated.) Also, he was laying around, listless and meowing for me to come to him instead of greeting me like usual. I called Foster Mom Jean and the vet. They both agreed that Baily needed to come back to the vet and get special care. *sigh* My shortest stint yet with a foster. I'm all sad now.
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    "My Last Breath" - Evanescence