March 19th, 2003


Tidbits and Follow ups...

This morning, on the way to work, I saw the oddest sight. The person in the car behind me had their face completely covered in white bandages and large black sunglasses - a la the Invisible Man. On top of the bandages was a wide brimmed beige hat with a sheer yellow veil that hung off the side towards the window where the sun was coming in. Their hands were small but not delicate. So, I couldn't tell if they were male or female. Since their hands were exposed and well tanned, I could not assume they had a skin condition or were albino. My guess, at this point, is some sort of face surgery. Any guesses?

I have an odd request: If you go out for Chinese food and you are local, please save your fortunes for me. I'm starting a new creative project.

Well, well, well. It has been established that Jenn of Casey & Andy has a thing for the Quantum Cop. Today, we see just how far she will go to get his attention. *laugh* Ah, yes... I do love a man in uniform with handcuffs!

Stone Circles of a sort in California. Not really what I'm looking for.
  • Price Historical Park
  • Yosemite Association
  • California's Mysterious Walls
  • Gozo Stone Circle
  • Other Information found: I have been told about three stone circles in California. All are on private property and have no protected status, since according to the experts they don't exist. One in the Santa Cruz mountains is described by Barry Fell in America B.C. (Pocket Books, 1989). Fell is not very selective about his sources; however, I know the person who did the surveying for the book, and he is far from being a crackpot. The existence of these circles doesn't prove any European influence. The native peoples in California are known to have been very knowledgeable about astronomy and constructed other (uncontested) artifacts with astronomical alignments. See Early Man and the Cosmos by Evan Hadingham (University of Oklahoma Press, 1985).

  • Curiouser and curiouser...
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    I have a new foster cat, Bailey. This gentleman is much different than any of the other batches of kittens I've had so far. First off, this is guy is single and a cat. Not a kitten. He is a three year old Siamese male who must weigh at least fifteen pounds. He is elegant and very vocal. I picked him up from the vet this evening. He was there with a urinary track infection. He's fine now, though... I'm not looking forward to giving him his pills. It seems that his favorite spot now is under the head of my bed. Pictures forthcoming if I can get a hold of a digital camera

    Also, note to self: When teasing the guy you're dating about planning to pick up a "handsome young man with beautiful blue eyes tonight," do make sure he actually remembers that you mentioned to him that you were getting a new foster cat. I fear I rather bemused my dear one in email today. Especially when I suggested he come over and take pictures of me and my new guy all cuddled up together. The emails I was getting back from him were getting increasingly, and understandably, confused.
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