December 22nd, 2002



I'm having some serious pre-travel jitters. This is normal. Doesn't mean it makes them any easier to deal with. Random thoughts wander through my head in a dizzying array of chaos.

.... What if I miss my plane?... You won't... But, what about airport security? What's to stop me from becoming one of those horrible stories running around? ... The fact that you've got common sense? ... Common sense isn't... ... Is a week with Ice too long? ... Is he gonna be sick of me before I go home? ... Am I gonna be sick of him? ... Are we gonna run out of things to say to one another? I hope not.... ... Is Garibaldi gonna be OK for the week I'm gone? I know Greg and David will be taking care of him but, I still worry. He's a real lover kitten, when he's not attacking things or laying in wait for the foot monster... ... Am I gonna talk to him before I leave? I don't know. I really want to. ... Will it kill you if you don't? ... Well, no. But, I wanna. ... ... Mmmm... garlic chicken pizza...

I need something to distract me from all this.

Damn. It looks like Sabine was deleted from Ashirion. So much for wandering over there to chat with people and waste time. I guess it's not that much of a loss, but I really did like that character.

Quizzie Goodness... my old friend
What self-mutilation am I?
Am I a clothing junky?
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