December 6th, 2002



Well, things are really "interesting" for my parents and my sister in North Carolina. I noticed on the news that the Carolinas were in a state of emergency due to the ice storm. I called my mom and got my sister. Seems neither house has power but mom and dad's house has a gas stove, gas fireplace and hot water. So, my sister and her family are camped out at my parent's place. They've been without power for over 24 hours and PG&E is saying it'll still be another 3 to 5 days before all power is restored.

Shannon told me that they only have about two inches of snow but the problem was the freezing rain. Everything is iced over. "There's more glaze out there on the ground than there is in a Krispy Kreme store." (My sister has picked up a cute little twang to her voice now.) Thankfully, the roads are clear. So, driving isn't an extra special hazard. It's just everywhere else where the ice has overwhelmed trees with the weight of it.

All in all, it could be much worse for them. They've got heat from the fireplace and can cook warm food. My nieces are looking at all this camping out as one big adventure. One is snuggled with Grampy. One is snuggled with Grammy. They're happy and safe and that's all that matters to them. They are just waiting to see which house gets power back first. Then, they'll all troop over there to cook any food that might have gone iffy during the power outage.

"Tonight, it's supposed to be down to 17 degrees." Shannon told me. "But, we've got it up to 68 degrees in here. So, there's not a problem unless you have to go to the bathroom. Then, you wonder if your butt has frozen to the seat. Let me tell you, you don't tarry when you gotta go right now."

I'm feeling sympathically cold for them. They sound in good spirits. So, I'm not really worried... yet.
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There is something absolutely wonderful about having a printed out manuscript of your NaNoWriMo novel. Mine, Regresser's Evolution, is just at 100 pages at 11 point font. I'm planning to go to the Dana Street café for a couple of hours tonight and to start to red lining my hard copy draft. Just reading it over, marking mistakes, jotting notes on what needs more description and anything else that comes to mind. Plus, I'll actually make marks to indicate actual chapter breaks. All with a brand new, bright red pen, of course.

After I do the whole novel in hard copy form, I'll make all of the changes in the soft copy version and start sending out chapters and questions to my first test pass readers. Actually having a plan like this makes me feel like I'm really going somewhere with this novel. That it wasn't just an exercise in masochism. It's an extremely exciting feeling for me.

I'm also feeling really good for starting to outline Breaking the Chains. I'm up to chapter three so far. But, I'm pretty sure this is going to be a much longer novel. More like twenty+ chapters. I just have to figure out all of the things that happen between my opening vision and my ending vision.
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