December 3rd, 2002



I'm in a great mood! I have no idea why. I hope it lasts. Last night we had a good rehearsal for A Winter's Tale and we're already talking about the next play we want to do. Next time, I'm not going to be so shy. This is a blast.

I love having purple hair! Inside, it looks dark brown with purple highlights. There's just enough purple there to make my co-workers do a double take, then to drop their eyes because they don't want to stare and be 'rude.' (Stare away!) But, they sneak peeks because they can't believe they're looking at purple hair.

Very interesting dreamage last night. Still sorting it out. I'll post it to Dreamlines... tonight or tomorrow.

This Link is for those of you who adore Lucius Malfoy, as portrayed by Jason Issacs, like I do. "How to Kill Your Friends & Influence People."
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