November 10th, 2002


Word Count: 2985

Not a bad word day considering I worked, dealt with feral kittens and got sucked into my new DVDs of Babylon 5. Actually, I could write more but I think I'd rather watch more B5. Heh. I made my word count. So, treat for me.

Let's see. The main murder has happened. The explosion has happened. Maureen has been attacked and beaten on for the third time in 23000 words. Let me tell you, she's getting damn tired of it. Now, we've met the much too interesting Guard Commander Waithe (Yes, dancingshaman and britgeekgrrl, based on THAT Waithe.) who has taken her statement and has revealed something shocking about the doctor who attacked Maureen.

Date: 10 Nov
What: Investigation
Daily: 2985
Total: 23000
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