November 3rd, 2002


Word Count: 2053

I think I'm gonna save the bonfire experience for an Abstract Thoughts entry because it is going to be long. Though, I have to say, this morning, my head felt like an overstuffed watermelon and I'm still feeling a little bit tender despite the massive amount of drugs in my system that I took to make sure that I would not feel the pain while I worked on my novel.

I did finally get to see the American version of The Ring and unkyrich is right. It is darned creepy! It's much more scary and visceral than the Japanese version. Also, surprisingly, it is a lot more contemplative and investigative. Much less reliance on psychic information which I liked. Over all, I liked the American version better but I thought that the Japanese version had a much better origin story.

On the novel front, all of today's writing was a conversation between Maureen and Araques where he explains a bit of the history of the Hedari, what has happened on earth and what the cure it. I've left it at the point where Maureen is asking why, if the cure is so bloody lethal, she needs to take it. She's been doing fine without it. It'll be interesting to see how Araques explains "Because you're typhoid Mary and if you don't take it, we'll have to kill you anyway." *hehehe* That should be fun since he rather likes our heroine.

Date: 03 Nov
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