November 1st, 2002



I had a dandy time at jephly and hansandersen's place for Halloween. zunger and I first had dinner at a place affectionately known as "Sushi BBQ" because of the neon signs on the front that say just that. I did make the effort to see what the restaurant's actual name was: Kamei. Definitely a good Japanese place to go to on Castro Street.

At the guys' place, we ended up watching The Gift and Beetlejuice. The former was sufficiently creepy while the latter was sufficiently campy. I left Twin Peaks with jrpseudonym for future Twin Peaks viewings whether or not adoor or I can make it.

Of the costumes, I have to say that I really liked hansandersen's outfit the best. He looked quite dashing white gi and dark blue hakama. Though, I really liked tyrsalvia's stripy stockings. One of these days, I'm going to get me a pair like that. Or red and white like britgeekgrrl.

Yes. The NaNoWriMo dare is well under way. I've been writing but I'm not going to post any word counts until just before I go to bed each night.
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Word Count: 2425

Today was a good day. A busy day. I have the new build and I'm happily chopping it up into pieces because it is ... not up to standards... and frankly, was beginning to piss me off with some of the bugs I was finding.

The novel writing is off to a good start. The prologue is done. Maureen has been rescued and she's now woken up on the ship - though, she doesn't know it is a ship, yet. I'm grumping over my male protagonist's name. I think it looks too clunky but I like the way sounds. Pooh. In any case, so far, so good.

Date: 01 Nov
What: Prologue/Earth Rescue
Daily: 2425
Total: 2425
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