October 19th, 2002



So, this afternoon, just before I left the the UA LARP, I heard a noise in my apartment. For those of you who know me, you know this unusual. If there is noise, it is the TV (which is muted half the time) or it is a CD while I'm cooking/cleaning - thus, there is general noises of living around. But, if I'm in my den and writing, everything is silent...

There was a noise. It almost sounded like a crackle... but it was sort of regular. It didn't sound rodent like. It sounded - bigger. I crept to the door of my den, looking around to investigate and saw ...

... a puddle of water in the hall (that had been the source of the noise)
... from water dripping from the light fixture in the ceiling
... a light fixture that was on
... the globe was half full of water
... and leak was moving from a dripping to a streaming flow

*pause* OH, SHIT!!! *panic* I had a moment of sheer panic lock up, not certain what I wanted to do first - get a bucket, call for help or turn off the light. There were a few stuttered steps, then logic kicked in - turn off the light FIRST. Grabbed a bucket, placed it while I was calling management and running to the upstairs apartment.

I got management on the phone, let them know as no one answered my knocking. The maintenance guy was over in less than five minutes and informed me that the upstairs apartment was empty, it was a small, easily fixed block and they would clean it all up, no problem.

They did, too. The best part about all this? I discovered when I got home from the LARP, not only did they do what they had said they would do, they also super-duper vacuumed my hall, dining room and living room! *hehehe* Everything is all fixed and clean!

11:20pm - Now that I'm running around in bare feet and can feel the carpet... make that "they also steam cleaned my hall, dining room and living room!" Woo-hoo!
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