September 6th, 2002


I have...

... PURPLE hair! *whoo-hoo* It's a gorgeous deep anime eggplant shade with burgundy hightlights! I hope to goodness that someone at the youdidit LARP will have a digital camera so I can show everyone. I think I like this color better than I do the red.

... KITTENS! They are two exceedingly shy feral kittens, both about 8 weeks old and are going to need a lot of time and patience to socialize them. One is pure black with yellow eyes. The other is pure gray with green eyes. Jean tells me that they are both male. Currently, they are hiding in their covered liter box. I'm leaving them there for a while to get used to their new area without me there.

... a flock of geese outside my window making it sound like there's a cocktail party going on out there.

... an appointment to go look at new (to me, used) cars! I want this purple Neon but I'm afraid it's gonna clash with my hair and that just won't do. So, it might end up being the white Daewoo. Daewoo? What kind of car is that??
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