August 20th, 2002


Lunchtime conversation...

deyo and I were in Spoons for lunch when we had the following conversation. "Start Me Up" by Mick Jagger game on the radio.

Casey: "Ah, the 13 million dollar song."

Me: "Huh?"

Casey: "That's how much Bill Gates paid to have that song in a Microsoft commercial. I just wish Bill wanted something from me so I could give him an outrageous price. I'd tell him I wanted 75 million. Just so I could outprice him."

Me: "What about sleeping with him and he accepted?"

Casey: "75 million." Casey mimcking Bill "Done." Casey groaned and shrugged. "Hey, at least I'm getting 75 million out of the deal."

Me: "Hell, for 75 million, I'd sleep with Pee-wee Herman."

Casey: "For Pee-wee Herman, I'd go for 60 million."

Me: "What about Verne?"

Casey: "You mean Earnest? We're talking 9 digits... hundreds of millions of dollars."

Me: "What about Gary Coleman?"

Casey: "Gary... Old?"

Me: "No... Not Gary Cole nor Gary Oldman. Gary Coleman. Little guy."

Casey: "Hmmm Gary Coleman. I'd give him the Bill Gates special."

Me: "You're kidding."

Casey: "Hey, I may be a whore but I'm an expensive whore!"

Me: "You know I'm going to have to write about this conversation."

Casey: "I've given up all pretenses of privacy anyway."

Sometimes, Casey and I have the best conversations. I'm saving our discussion about our company's new Advertising company being a Sabbat Pack for another time. I'll just say this... I cannot tell if I'm more horrifically fascinated by the fact that the new Ad company really does resemble a bunch of slick vampires or the fact that I actually liked a lot of the marketing they are producing for our company.
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