August 1st, 2002



You ever have one of those mornings where, as you get to work, you realize that you are wearing the same shirt you wore to work the day before? Then, thinking back on how this could have happened, you realize in your sleep-fogged state, you thought you were grabbing the clean shirt next to it instead of the one you carelessly tossed in that general direction the night before?

No? I have. Today, even. Screw.

Ah, well. What's a girl to do except pretend she never made it home the night before because she was much too busy in a night of hot, passionate sex with a stranger from Europe whose accent sent tingles up and down her spine (not to mention her loins) and she's terribly glad that she happened to have any clean clothes in her car because when she woke her lover had already gone, leaving her with a note (written in a language she cannot read) and the bill to the hotel room they trysted in all night long.

For some reason, the word "loins" is terribly attractive and funny to me. To the tune of SPAM: Loins, loins, loins, loins, loins, loins, loins, loins, loins...

Screw. Speaking of which... I really could use one right about now. Where's a fuckbuddy when you need one? *sigh* I guess I'm going to have to live vicariously through my fantasies and, boy, did I dream up a doozy on the way to work for my Doll series. I suppose sexual frustration is good for erotica; all that pent up sexual energy...

Hmmmm... running into the realm of TMI. Oh, well. Off to read journals and to write about a hot, soapy bath between a master and his training submissive...
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I've updated Abstract Thoughts with: Proud of Me - I've been journaling for four years and on Atkins for one. Somehow, August 1st seems to have become a personal New Year's day for me. I've decided to make it so officially.

Now, back to Doll #2: The Bath. 1500+ words so far and we've gotten into the meat of the story about who really has the power in a D/s power exchange. Of course, our heroine is occassionally distracted from her lesson by intimate handling of her trainer as he bathes her while they speak.

First, I must see what new thing the kittens have gotten into. There was a disturbing *crashing* sound, then silence.
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