July 19th, 2002



I just had to share the good news! Abby's Realm has just accepted, and purchased, a story AND a poem of mine! The story is "Doll" and the poem is "The Ultimatium" Not only that, it looks like Abby's Realm is really interested in purchasing a sensual bondage series based on "Doll" - whew! Wow.

With two sites wanting erotic series from me... I'm starting to wonder if I should put up a separate Eden Blackthorn (the poet, erotica writer) website with my own domain edenblackthorn.com... But I don't have the faintest idea how to deal with my own domain.

I mean, I really should be thinking of this sort of thing if Campaign magazine does pick up "The Hucked Tankard Tales" as a regular series. Maybe I should think about jenniferbrozek.com, too for all of my reviews and if... no, when... I sell more non-erotica sci-fi and fantasy stories and poems.
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