July 18th, 2002


Bloody kitten butts...

Blood seems to be a factor in my life right now. Last night, the two bigger kittens, Delenn and Morden, got sent off to be fixed. So, I paid more attention to the two littler ones. This morning, when I walked in with food, one of the girls had left me a small but fresh deposit on the bathroom floor that made me blanch because it was cover in fresh blood. The only logical thing I could think of to do at that moment was save the sample for the vet.

It took me a few minutes to calm myself as I could imagine the phone call to the vet, "Well, you see, one of them... I'm not sure which... is having a lot of blood in her stool. A lot of it. I don't know which."

Then, it struck me. I suppose I could look at kitten butts and see if there is any evidence of the 'passing.' I grabbed Sheridan while she was eating. She protested as I took a look. Hmmmm... seemed OK. I picked up Sinclair, who was suddenly and definitely heavier than Sheridan and took a look. Oh, man. No doubt at all. LOTS of bloody evidence.

Now, I'm sitting here, trying to figure out what to do. I'm the one driving today, so I can't take the morning off. I might be able to drive home at lunch and take her in. Or, I could leave a little early and take her in. This is just not good.

Gah! The stress levels are rising at home and work! I guess all I can do is just call the vet and hope they will see her after I get home from work.
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Beyond words...

I'm going to sit here and be thankful now. I got a strange voice mail today on my home phone. "Hello. My name is Jennie. My number is XXX - XXXX. Please call me. It's important." I thought about it and decided if it was a telemarketer, this was an interesting new ploy. But, the number was local. So, I called and explained that I was calling back as requested.

"Oh! Wonderful. I'm so glad. I just wanted to let you know that I found your Discover card. I was walking and I found it next to the curb by Peralta and Fremont. I was wondering if you wanted to drop by to pick it up. I didn't buy anything with it. I promise. *laugh*"

I think time stopped briefly. Then, I checked my purse. Sure enough. It wasn't there and I knew what had happened. I left the card on my car as I got gas because I had no pockets and I had to hold the pump. I was at Thorton and Fremont. Peralta is the next street up.

I gushed my gratitude and promised to pick my card up today. The message was left at 12:30. I wonder if anyone else had picked it up between 7:15am and the time she found it. I will have to call Discover and make sure that no purchases, other than gas, happened on it today.

As I told Jennie... She averted a major disaster and put a nice shine on a pretty crappy day with her compassion and care. Wow. I don't even want to think about what would have happened when I finally discovered that my credit card was gone.
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