July 6th, 2002



I took Sinclair to the vet and felt... belittled... by the vet guy. Not the one I was supposed to see. The one who was replacing him today. *mutter* In any case, I was -not- told to bring a stool sample for the vet to look at. Because I didn't do this, the vet pretty much gave me the "stupid female, what the hell am I suppose to do for the cat without a stool sample" attitude with out vocally saying it.

So, now... I have to get a stool sample from Sinclair. Period. The vet did a good job of telling me how skinny Sinclair (and Sheridan - though not as bad) was and how it could be parasites or a congenital defect, etc... But he couldn't tell without that all important stool sample that I failed to bring.

Being stuck with the need to isolate Sinclair and make sure I got a stool sample from her, specifically, I've done the only thing I could think of. I left Sinclair in the cat carrier with some wet food and I'm waiting. But, Sinclair doesn't understand why she's in the cage. She's been frantically trying to claw her way out and giving the most piteous mews I've ever heard.

It's just breaking my heart and I feel so guilty... but I have to get that sample and this is the best, quickest way I can think of to get it.
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