June 10th, 2002


Immediate impressions....

  • Kittens are much more interested in each other than some huge human.
  • I am going to have to figure out a better way to feed the kittens their wet food so I make sure each of them get what they need.
  • Kittens get really stinky after eating wet food. *whew* I need to get a fan in the back of the apartment to air things out.
  • Only one has named himself so far. Cass or Cassanova because he such a (noisy) little lover. He's the only one who has sought me out to cuddle.
  • The little gray one really is very sweet when she stops being so scared.
  • The other tabby is fairly nondescript in his personality for the moment.
  • The black and white cat is extremely antisocial, hissing at me. I only managed to pick him up because they locked themselves out of their carrier/sleeper cage. He barely tolerated it and scratched the heck out of me to get back to it. But, I have seen him play with the other kittens.
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