May 18th, 2002



My head is too full of stuff! First, the TTB. The outline is swirling in my head, begging me to write it down. Then, there is my PBM 7th Seas game, The Book of Blood. This last week's adventure is calling to me to write it up NOW. Then, there is all of the erotica I'm writing/editing/etc... I have to see if anymore of my stuff has been accepted and/or rejected. Finally, James really has dragging me into a new Mux called Ashirion where they LET ME PLAY A KITTY CAT! I'm doomed! I'm so doomed!

I was up way too late having a dandy time playing my little cursed kitty, Sabine, (she wasn't always a cat you know - Oh, and yes, baronlaw there is a Wilhelm written into her background if you are curious... *hehehe*) in a tavern where the most adorable raggamuffin of a street urchin fed her bits of his fishcake.

Today is Howard's Jedi game. Hmmm. I wonder if I can get some Sabine time in before then and get my chores done.

I would also give anything to have my head stop hurting.