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Good Things!

Greg and David's housewarming party is tonight! Yony and BenL are not only going to be in the same house, but in the same room and finally meet! Current bets as to what will happen then:

    1. The two of them will say, "Hi." and clam up because everyone is staring at them. Then, later, talk a little more indepth once people have assured themselves that the world is not about to end.
    2. The universe will immediately implode due to all of the brain power in a single room.
    3. They will immediately hate each other and avoid each other for the rest of the night. (Yeah, right.)
    4. They will invent a time machine, a working warp drive and gravity lifts within the course of the evening just for the fun of it.
    5. They will walk off to a side corner and create a master plan to take over the world. A real master plan. One that will work.

Personally, I'm voting for #1 and hoping for #4. Though, I think #5 could be amusing in a surreal sort of way.

Revelations was last night. I had a really good time. Unfortunately, a couple of players were "on edge" (to put it nicely) and that tension made the game less fun for me at times. Also, I got sick late in the night and left the play site a little early to go somewhere warm and to stop feeling sick. The resulting scene between Jan and Dora was both extremely interesting and surprising, but very in character for both of them. Now, some serious choices need to be made.

Though, on the sad side of things because of the Fey plotline, Dora didn't get a chance to talk to a couple of characters she really wanted to talk to. Miss Delanie, Rust, Jozef, Algernon and Janine are among them. I think, if Dora isn't called back to New Orleans, she's gonna be spending a lot of time being all social this week.

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