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So. Like Hans, my MS interview is now set for Wednesday morning, bright and early. Wednesday night, before the Kult character creation session, we are going to go out for really good sushi. Though, right now, I can't remember the name of the place that he wants us to go. Of course, Tuesday night, I think it is safe to assume that he and I are going to be as twitchy as a pair of long tailed cats in a room full of rocking chairs. How the hell am I going to concentrate on work between now and then?!

Years RPing: 14 - I started seriously role playing in 1989.

Least favorite character: Sumiko Nakata. Mostly because I just couldn't get into the character or the setting.

Favorite 3:
1. Elea Clearlight - My first AD&D character. Half-elven Bard.
2. Elizabeth Banister - A Daughter of Cacophany raised as a Toreador Vampire. Very twisted. Very fun.
3. Duvessa LiCidan - Star Wars character. She was a fluffy Senator's daughter who ended up becoming a Jedi apprentice.

Male or Female characters: I can't seem to play male characters at all. I'm really bad at it.

Oldest character: Elea Clearlight. I've played her off and on since 1989.

Oldest currently in play: Again - Elea Clearlight. I've played her off and on since 1989.

Newest: I just created Miss Theodora Swain, my southern belle for Revelations LARP. She's been in play for about five weeks. I'm in the process of creating Blodwyn Laird, a former assassin character for a new Kult game.

Most popular: I'm guessing Eris Bayberry from Sekt Valir. She slowly morphed from a complete martyr commoner healer character to a much more confident, titled Paladin of Arlania and wife to a Sultan. She could put anyone back together and she was a good listener. Maybe Princess Zjiria Amberlynn...

Character never played: I'm sure I have some. I just can't think of them right now.

Which character of yours would be most likely to:
Jump off a bridge: Talena Vesper - for the thrill of it.

Get drunk and pass out: Bethany Versaw - because that's what she did.

Kill someone in an unorthodox manner: Marlena Braddock - because that's one of her talents.

Get married: Eris Bayberry - she did. To a a sultan. Other than that, Shannon Braorian - Star Wars Engineer.

Be too hyper: Deety Shepard.

Rape someone: *ponder* I can't think of a character who would do this... Well, maybe Morgana Blackwell.

Be raped: Bethany Versaw - cause it did.

Get lost and refuse to ask for directions: Kayley Allard - She may occassionally stray from the path but like all good Tremere, she always makes her way back with something valuable learned.

Get lung cancer: It would be Bethany if she couldn't heal herself.

Star in a horror movie: Talena. It's that whole weirdness magnet. Or, maybe Theodora.

Star in a whore movie: Bethany for sure.

Star in a video game: Marlena - she's all action oriented.

Make the world a better place: Eris, definitely. That's a big thing for her.

Have a torrid gay love affair: Hmmm... Yerlanda, my fae character.

Character who best exemplifies each following word:
Love: Eris. Paladin to the Goddess of Love and Healing.

Hate: Morgana Blackwell. She was hate personified.

Family: Eris Bayberry.

Money: Duvessa LiCidan - rich little girl.

Seduction: Talena Vesper. One of my few characters who specifically used those talents.

Lies: Morgana Blackwell.

Tragedy: Oooh... That's hard. Elea, I think From her past. Or, maybe Elizabeth.

Comedy: I'm not really good on the comedy. Maybe that werewolf character I played, whose name escapes me now.

Manipulation: Kayley Allard - it's what Tremere do. Though, I have to admit, Theodora seems to be doing fairly well at it.

Violence: Marlena, definitely.

Politics: Duvessa. It was one of her main areas of expertise.

Fire: Cathena Rivera - My Castellian Buccaneer.

Ice: Magus Althea - in the Dark Ages Mage/Vampire cross over. She is a Hermetic Ice Queen.

Would you ever play:
A prostitute: Sure.

A musician: Yes. I already have.

A pilot: I've tried it. I'm not good at it.

A homosexual: Done it - with both genders.

A pedophile: As a PC? No way. As an NPC to be squished and squished hard, sure.

A Politician: Absolutely.

A character for the sole purpose of smut: No. Can't do it. You have to engage the mind before the body. Kind of hard to do with out a mind to do that with.

A character involved in an incestuous relationship: I've never done it... but I could see it happening. A good example is Princess Zjiria to her brother, Prince Xerxes. However, it turned out that evolution made that "yucky" for dragons.

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