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Surprise Party... for us?

Dammit! Jenn gets shafted again! Sniffle. No love for Jenn. (Strip 160.)

So, we had this two hour meeting scheduled yesterday. An Engineering "All Hands" meeting. First, scheduled for 8:30am. Then, it was moved to 4pm. Yes... an engineering meeting from 4 to 6pm. Boy, there were a lot of grumbles. Then, we arrive and the damn door is closed and we have to wait. *grumble*

Imagine the surprise when the door is opened and the entire room is decked out for a party in the theme of "Wonders of the World" and there were several Marketing people waving us in. All of us Engineers slowly filtered in with looks of confusion, surprise and some suspicion. Even me. My first thought, when I saw the Stonehenge mock up was, "What? You all need human sacrifices now?!"

Then, I loosened up, grinning. By golly, they were throwing a party in our honor! Which is exactly what it was. Marketing was so happy with the new Beta release and all of the good things you could do with it, they thanked us with a party with food, drink, decorations, a bubble machine and a contest with a prize. Granted, Marketing will toss a party for a spring day... but it was really nice to be remembered.

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