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In an effort distract myself... thanks to mswoo.

15 Years Ago (1987)
1. Moved from Pennsylvania to CA.
2. Got Contacts.
3. Reinvented myself.
4. Got my first long term boyfriend.
5. Realized I didn't have to live as a bookworm anymore.

10 Years Ago (1992)
1. Said good bye to a world that I wanted to remain a part of.
2. Moved to CA.
3. Discovered my sister was engaged.
4. Met and fell in love with Chris.
5. Met britgeekgrrl and hit it off.

5 Years Ago (1997)
1. Quit working at 3DO.
2. Started temping and was making $45/hour.
3. Moved in with Donna and Scott.
4. Gave up on Chris completely.
5. Started exploring the world of BDSM

2 Years Ago (2000)
1. Started GMing regularly.
2. Started writing for Black Gate magazine.
3. Had 3 short stories published in a tiny magazine called "Woven Worlds."
4. Started playing Marrach.
5. Broke my leg in 2 places.

1 Year Ago (2001)
1. Resolved to make some changes in my life.
2. Started the Atkins program.
3. Started corresponding with my psychic twin, baronlaw
4. Planned my very first convention game.
5. Swore to myself to stop being so afraid of everything.

Yesterday, I
1. Power walked with weights.
2. Commissioned some artwork.
3. Got so angry at an article, I could barely type.
4. Responded to that article in an intelligent and articulate manner.
5. Had shrimp for dinner

Today, I
1. Am all crampy.
2. Did my walk without weights.
3. Have shrimp for lunch.
4. Am listening to The Jenny Thing
5. Still debating my plans for the evening.

Tomorrow, I
1. Will write up an entry for Abstract Thoughts.
2. Will get my hair trimmed and body waxed.
3. Will attend my first L5R game.
4. Will take a new picture of myself for my journal.
5. Will exercise first thing in the morning.

5 Snacks I like
1. Unsalted almonds
2. Beef jerky
3. Honey nut peanut butter
4. Carb solutions bars
5. Tuna

5 Games I like
1. Any type of LARPing
2. Most table top games.
3. Talisman, the board game.
4. Yahoo's Collapse
5. MSN's Alchemy

5 Songs I know the Words to almost by Heart
1. All of the Buffy Soundtrack
2. Windrider Unchained - Heather Alexander
3. Dark Wine & Roses - Cecilia Eng
4. Cassandra - Delicious Blue
5. Smooth - Santana with Rob Thomas

5 Last CDs I've listened to
1. Headlines and Deadlines - A-ha
2. Californication - Red Hot Chili Peppers
3. Closer and Closer to Less - The Jenny Thing
4. Mortal Kombat soundtrack
5. Jagged Little Pill - Alanis Morrisette

5 Bad Habits I have
1. Exploding at innocents when I'm angry.
2. Hitting the snooze button multiple times.
3. Being too nosy/curious.
4. Being too hard on myself.
5. Taking offense when there is none to take.

5 Good Habits I have
1. Exercising 3-5 times a week.
2. Live and let live policy on religion and politics.
3. Supporting my friends.
4. Always keeping my word.
5. Knowing when to NOT offer my help.

5 Things I would never wear
1. Thong bikini
2. Plaid with paisely
3. Grunge
4. Hair extensions
5. Liquid latex in a public place

5 Places I have lived
1. Alaska
2. New Jersey
3. Belgium
4. Pennsylvania
5. Oregon

5 Biggest Worries at the moment
1. My weight.
2. My knees.
3. My parents and money issues.
4. Johanna and whatever is going on with her.
5. Making the right decision in some of my choices lately.

5 Biggest Joys at the moment
1. My own apartment! (Yes, still!)
2. My friends
3. Gaming
4. Getting my stories published
5. Losing weight

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