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I'm a a bad hostess. A belated welcome to: johnboyblues, artistic_chaos and damapessego. An interesting mix. One I friended as a friend of a friend. One I've met in real life and think it pretty keen. One I have no idea who they are. In any case, "Hihi and welcome!"

Bailey is a very good house guest. He checked on me a couple of times during the night with that distinctly Siamese meow of his. I petted him a couple of times but, most of the night, he was sacked out under or on my bed. It's really cool. He likes to talk with me. I'll talk or meow at him and he'll gamely talk back. It's amusing when I'm on the phone because he goes into high speech because I must be talking with him.

He is also a real trooper when it comes to taking his pill. I lightly pry his mouth open, drop the pill in and give him some water to wash it done. Voila! (Ok, so, I wasn't very good the first time I did it but he was very patient with me.) Afterwards, I give him LOTS of loving so he associates good things with getting a pill and he won't take a swipe at me with those formidable claws of his.

Of course, I am just covered in Siamese fur now.

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