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I have a new foster cat, Bailey. This gentleman is much different than any of the other batches of kittens I've had so far. First off, this is guy is single and a cat. Not a kitten. He is a three year old Siamese male who must weigh at least fifteen pounds. He is elegant and very vocal. I picked him up from the vet this evening. He was there with a urinary track infection. He's fine now, though... I'm not looking forward to giving him his pills. It seems that his favorite spot now is under the head of my bed. Pictures forthcoming if I can get a hold of a digital camera

Also, note to self: When teasing the guy you're dating about planning to pick up a "handsome young man with beautiful blue eyes tonight," do make sure he actually remembers that you mentioned to him that you were getting a new foster cat. I fear I rather bemused my dear one in email today. Especially when I suggested he come over and take pictures of me and my new guy all cuddled up together. The emails I was getting back from him were getting increasingly, and understandably, confused.

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