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Crack and the F*ckit factor

Earlier this morning via YIM...

Hans: ugh
Jenn: ??
Hans: I'm evaluating the fuckit factor
Hans: and trying to figure out whether or not to get out of bed
Jenn: Oh my.
Jenn: Sounds like you are at .9
Hans: .9 and dropping.
Jenn: and rising.
Hans: By the time I get up and go to the bathroom, I'll probably just head off to work anyway.
Jenn: 1.0 = 100% and going back to bed.
Hans: I meant dropping.
Jenn: Ah!
Jenn: Ok.
Hans: That's what's so irritating - if it were *rising*, I could just fire off a quick email and go back to bed.
Jenn: Da truck is here and I'm hungry. So, I'll see you when you get here. Don't forget some crack for me, please?
Hans: Yep, I've plenty of crack for you.
Jenn: *happy dance*
Hans: not fair...
Jenn: ?
Hans: how can I *not* come in to work now, since you've done the happy dance?
Jenn: Aww. I can take it back...?
Hans: If I don't show up, and don't give you crack, you'll do the sad dance...
Jenn: Yes. This is true.
Hans: *grins*
Jenn: :)
Hans: ok, I'll come in. But I'll detour to Dana St. first.
Jenn: kk

Hehehe. I got my crack! Two DVDs of Kenshin and one of Noir. *happy dance*

Oh, yeah. Also, at lunch... I got another actual fortune: You will soon meet a dark stranger. Hmmm... in bed? With an AK-47? In bed with an AK-47? None of those sound that good. I don't want to meet any stranger in bed - with or without an AK-47! In any case, this eerily matches up with my Someone is watching you from afar fortune. Hmmmm.

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