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Stuff I learned today:
1. My internet cable connection is simply wonky. It will go out. It will come back in. No need to call the cable company for help. They won't be able to help nor send anyone out for at least a week.

2. However, in the meantime, I have discovered that there are at least three other local wireless routers in the area that I can access in a pinch. Nice that. My addiction to the net will be fed.

3. I really need to get Little Miss 2.0 - which I've decided will be a Treo 90 - in a big hurry. All hard copy appointment books are too big for my purse and I have too many social engagements and story/article due dates to remember by heart.

4. Buffy nights are really worth it for the social interactions and general well being of the soul.

5. More people have similar opinions to myself than I expected in certain areas.

6. Sometimes, if you simply answer someone's curious questions, you can learn more about yourself and them than first thought.

7. I'm up too late, too often, for my own good. It's time to start getting more than 5.5 hours of sleep a night.

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