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Le Sigh. Due to a late night conversation I had, I'm back to thinking about husbands and babies. Especially the babies. However, it would be a bit hard to have the latter without the former. Man, I need a new batch of kittens to nuture in the worst way.

Also, a warm welcome to adarkjewel and gamera_spinning. In honor of adarkjewel for her lovely romantic writings... I thought you might enjoy this.

I love to sit here with my back to the door of the café. I do it because I'm not distracted by the people who come and go. In truth, there is another reason: Those wonderful chance meetings with him. I know this place is a regular hang out spot for him. So, it is not the chance meeting itself that is special. It is the greeting he gives me.
I can almost always sense when he walks into the café. Maybe it is my subconscious picking up the practically imperceptible sound of his footstep. Maybe it is just his distinctive presence. I don't know. I just know I always smile when I feel him near. Then, there is a warmth next to me. A person who is familiar enough with me to break into my personal space without being disruptive. A hand comes to rest on my shoulder. Sometimes, despite my subconscious knowledge that he is here, this startles me. As if it were a dream suddenly made real.
Looking up at him, to meet his blue eyes with mine, is always a treat. Better still is seeing my joyous smile reflected in his. I raise my lips to accept his greeting kiss. Sometimes, it is quick, like brush of a butterfly wing. Sometimes, it lingers like silk drawn across bare flesh. Then, there are those times when I don't want to be polite or proper in public and I press my pleasure at seeing him and my desire for him into that one kiss, not letting go. It feeds our restrained passion. His hand slips behind my neck as we both melt into the kiss. For that one instant, the world goes away.
Then, our kiss is broken, but the passion is not. Our eyes continue to mingle as our lips once had. The taste of each other flavoring our mouths as the secret knowing smiles blossom. Finally, one of us manages to breathe out "Hello...." saying so much more in that one word than just the greeting.

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