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  • I might be fostering a mommy cat who is about to have her litter any day now. I say might because I reluctantly admitted that I'm not home a lot and if this mommy cat needs much attention, I don't know if I could give it to her. FFR is going to look to the other two fosters and come back to me only if they say no. The thought of having a whole litter of kittens in my vanity/bathroom has me squealing.

  • Work just cut off another day of my already too short test pass cycle. *sigh* And they wonder why QA is panicking beyond the normal nay-saying. Not to mention the two nasty bugs I found in just the last 15 minutes.

  • I'm making soundtrack CDs of some of my relationships with people to give as going away presents should I be going away.

  • Thinking of music, thanks to Monte mentioning this, I've chosen Dora's theme songs: "Layla" by Eric Clapton and "Lily Was Here" by Candy Dulfer as the instrumental. Now, when I walk in as Dora, I'm going to have one of those two songs playing in my head to help me keep in character.

  • I have two days to get a story and an article to my editor. The story is done. The article, which needs to be 850 words, is not. I don't know when I'll get it done.

  • Also, welcome's and hello's hiddeninshadow, ifni and schetzle to my LJ.
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